The Great Game Challange

What is The Great Game Challenge?

The Great Game Challenge is a YouTube channel that does lots of Great Challenges like Video Games , Live Votes, Events , and even more. For those who don't do YouTube they are also on Twitter , Facebook , Instagram , and The people that run the channel are Daddy Gamer , Mommy Gamer , Kid Gamer , Brother Gamer , and Doggy Gamer. They are connected with the Super Bowl , NBA Playoffs , and WWE paper views. The Family lives in Texas. They enjoy doing challenges. They are not doing this for the famous life. They are doing this for the fun. Click the button down below to visit TheGreatGameChallenge's YouTube channel.


All about The Kids.

The Kids are made up of 3 parts. Doggy Gamer , Brother Gamer , and Kid Gamer. Here are some paragraph's about all of them.

                                                               Doggy Gamer

  Doggy Gamer is the family dog. She is really good and she is the fastest one in the family. She is mostly mentioned in Kid Gamer's Video Game videos.

                                                             Brother Gamer

  Brother Gamer is the brother of Kid Gamer and the son of Mommy and Daddy Gamer. He is mostly famous for The Ice Challenge. He isn't really into sports. But he loves staying Healthy.

                                                       Kid Gamer

  Now Kid Gamer is probably the most known. He usually has something to do with the video. If you've seen the video where Daddy Gamer accepts Kid Gamers challenge to Basketball trick shots part 2. Guess who was filming sherlock. Did you guess Brother Gamer because that was wrong. It was the one and only. Mommy Gamer. I am kidding. It was Kid Gamer. He also runs all the social media accounts. That's a lot of work to do for Kid Gamer. Phew.

About the Parents.

The Parents are made of 2 parts. Mommy Gamer and Daddy Gamer. Here are some Paragraphs that will explain some things.

                                                         Mommy Gamer

  Mommy Gamer is the challenge maker and the idea maker. She is the smartest one in the family. She isn't really mentioned in any of the videos. But  they love her and she loves them.

                                                        Daddy Gamer

  Daddy Gamer is the camera man. He films 94% of the videos. 6% goes to Kid Gamer. He had the idea for the channel. He inspires them to keep trying. He said " If you're missing a piece to a puzzle. Go find it. Every puzzle makes a picture or a phrase. Find it and keep trying."


Texas , USA 

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